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David Boldovitch - Personal Insurance & Investing for ODs

Updated 9 months ago.

This is an episode you don't want to miss especially if you are just
getting started in your career. Ensure you are aware of all the
insurance/investment instruments available to you before jumping into
any permanent/long term plans, and find out one way the truly wealthy
invest and shelter their investments. On today's episode:

Interview with David Boldovitch, who works as a financial adviser and
group benefits broker under his own company, Bold Financial Services
based in Toronto.

David has strong ties to the ophthalmic community, having previously
owned and operated a turnkey equipment rental company called MTSP that
provided everything from OCT/HRTs to YAG Lasers and Fundus Cameras for
ODs and OMDs. He also owned and distributed his own line of private
label contact lenses, called PCL Contacts for several years, before
selling both businesses and transitioning into financial services.

David has been doing talks at the University of Waterloo for the last
few years on everything personal insurance related, and today he
shares with us what you need to know when it comes to protecting
yourself and your loved ones for the long haul, and protecting your
hard earned income through unique tax saving structures.

You'll learn about life insurance plans, investing within them and tax
advantages you can benefit from, critical illness insurance, and
disability insurance.

You can contact David, and find out more about him, and the services
he offers across the majority of Canada through here: