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Riot Radio Show #115

Updated 7 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #115

Bootlicker- false power
C.H.E.W.- knucklehead
Purple-X- pre-tense
Antibodies- new brunswick tour
Cereal Killer- big black hole
AxeRash- i’m an ass
Dollhouse- making new friends with other losers
Bobby Funk- k grind
Booji Boys- distorto
PCP & The Knives- paid vacation
White Stains- quarantine
Incisions- new day
Throwing Stuff- a.c.i.y.h.a.b.
Scrap Brain- a journey into madness
Cement Shoes- going off the grid
Physique- fading from memory
C.L.A.W.- cynical
Invalid- exile
Man Eaters- le rougarou
Intimidation- credible threat
The Charley Few- the humming
Tozcos- ritmo de la muerte
A Culture of Killing- walls
Ultra Razzia- les boulevard
Final Gasp- the new dawn
Battalion Zośka- battalion zoska
Anticitizen- kill your tv
Q- want
Assault NYC- nyc 2k
Scarecrow- bootlicker
The Touch Heads- walls
The Mark Vodka Group- now i wanna be a bad boy
Fatal Blow- warmonger
The Chats- nambored
Junta- kulde
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers- violent dreams
Gino And The Goons- monkey love
Dark Thoughts- must be nice