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VGCC Episode 413: Stadia Must Die

Updated about 1 year ago.

It's a full Crew in house tonight as John is joined by Elvie, Maverick, and Solon to discuss the week in games and 90's webcomics. John's still playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 while Maverick has been wired in to Gundam Evolution. Solon played through the point and click classic LOOM while Elvie dug into Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Midnight Ghost Hunt.

In the news, Toshimichi Mori the creator of Blazblue left ArcSys, Skull and Bones was delayed while Scorn was moved up, and E3 is back being run by ReedPOP. ZA/UM has dissolved, Wiglett is coming, and the Google Stadia is officially dead. Finally, the Shenmue and Blade Runner anime's are being cancelled by WB/Discovery, and there is a new Onimusha anime coming from Netflix.

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