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VGCC Episode 391: What's That Land Called Again?

Updated 2 months ago.

It's Sunday, which means we're back with another episode of the Video Game Choo Choo Podcast. Franny and Elvie join John to talk about the news of the week and all the games they've been playing. John's been digging into mobile games with Arknights and Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 as well as Kirby and the Forgotten Land. When Franny hasn't been out shooting wrestling shows, she's been digging into Destiny and NORCO. And when Elvie hasn't been hanging out at Tim Heidecker shows with Maverick, she's been playing Gundam Evolution and Chinatown Detective Agency.

In the news, Activision's got another Blizzard of news with just, so much happening that they had to show off a new Overwatch character to distract people. Bugsnax is getting more content and coming to all the consoles, No Man's Sky is getting even more free updates, and Cook Serve Forever is coming. Kingdom Hearts 4 is also on the way, along with fun furry Half-Life 2 mods. Hasbro also bought back D&D Beyond.

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