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The "big break" you're waiting for will never show up unless you learn this lesson. Your business will not grow if you don't grow. Paul Reddick discusses the challenges modern day trainers are dealing with today and how to beat them. Focus on what matters most.

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Are you boring your members to death?

Updated about 21 days ago.

- The exact time a client should stay in your business

- Why your clients leaving changes your how you do front-end marketing

- The question that you client need answered when they are thinking of leaving

- Why training is NOT the reason people leave

- Most trainers “duct tape” _________ problems and they pay the price later

- Even the best gym will have a few “acute” issues that must be dealt with immediately, or it could be catastrophic to your business

- The top 5 reasons clients leave your gym

- The word that sucks all the power out of your ability to retain members