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Unlimited Rail Works Episode 100: Hell Girl

Updated 3 months ago.

For the One Hundredth (!!!!) episode of Unlimited Rail Works, we watched Studio Deen's 2005 episodic horror series Hell Girl, and learned to appreciate grudges, bits, and mysterious talking parrots. Later, Maverick went out to go see the latest One Piece movie in IMAX, and Rose watched the hot new prestige Kamen Rider Black Sun. Elvie continues to learn all about the taming of beasts, John loves Mob Psycho Season 3, and everyone loves Bocchi.

The opening song to this episode is "Sakasama no Chō" by SNoW, while the ending theme is "Karinui" by Mamiko Noto.

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Thanks to @harlequinwheels for our show art!