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Ep 74: Bill Nye, Saturday Morning Cartoons and The Flash!

Updated a long time ago.

What ever happened to the classic notion of Saturday morning cartoons? Our panel discusses this and what our favorite cartoons were. We talk about the newest Spiderman live action movie news as well as Venom and how we want him to have his own movie! Ashley gives us some really cool science and galaxy news regarding Bill Nye the Science Guy! Chris gives us some much needed info on Windows 10. We get to see and discuss Lex Luthors newest look for DC. We also get a sneak peak into Captain America Civil War and his villains. Daredevils concept art for the “red suit” has been revealed and we discuss not only our opinions but whether the suit changes the show or if it is simply a minor detail within an even bigger picture. With some feedback we get some information on Black Panther and if he could be in Captain America Civil War. General Jon gives us information on Matthew McConaughey wanting to be a superhero, but we ask perhaps which superhero or even super villain could he play? General Jon also reveals his verses for this week and it is one epic battle! Lastly and full of spoilers we delve into the Flash season finale, tread lightly and be ready for the speedforce!
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