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Cannabis Industry FAQ – December 2017

Updated a long time ago.

In July of 2017 Pepper Hamilton formalized our cannabis industry group by drawing together attorneys from a variety of practice areas to make a multidisciplinary team. Those practices included attorneys with experience in health sciences, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property protection and alcohol and food regulations.

We are joined on this podcast by the three partners leading this team – Alva Mather, Jay Dubow and Michael Jones. Topics covered on the podcast include:
• providing a general overview of the state of marijuana nationally, at both the federal and state levels
• discussing the background of the Cole Memo
• reviewing whether cannabidiol (aka CBD oil) is legal under federal or state law and the practical implications for these distinctions
• covering banking concerns when running a marijuana business
• reviewing whether marijuana businesses can receive any patent protection, federal trademark registrations or federal copyright protections.

Please feel free to contact any of our podcast speakers if you wanted to discuss these topics further or go over other topics not covered during our podcast.