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Doctor in the House: interview with Michael Burgess, MD

Updated a long time ago.

When Dr. Michael Burgess gave up delivering babies in favor of kissing them, most physicians thought he was crazy.

After reliving the September 11th World Trade Center nightmare in his head for weeks, the successful obstetrician decided to run for Congress in his Republican district of North Texas against the well-funded and well-named son of then Majority Leader Dick Armey.

Not only did Burgess win, but he has quickly become the thought leader of American medicine in the United States Congress.

In his new best-selling book, Congressman Dr. Burgess retells the story of his first years in the House of Representatives where another nightmare unfolded: the Democratic creation of Obamacare.

His work is entitled "Doctor In The House"
and it contains the prescription necessary to heal the ills of American health care.

In this blog we engage in a spirited discussion with Dr. Burgess. Let us know what you think.