Dream Mentors 101

Dream Mentors Transformational Life Coaching Institute (TLCI), a vital ministry of FDCF, is a biblical life coaching, mentoring, training and credentialing institute designed to help people reach their full potential in life. Dream Mentors is currently training and credentialing pastors, church leaders and laypeople thoughout the country in the skills of Biblical Life Coaching. Pastor Adam Smithyman serves as Dream Mentors’ President while Pastor Candice Smithyman serves as Executive Director. Opportunities to participate in Dream Mentors include: Answering the call God has put on your heart to help others reach their purpose and destiny! You can become a certified Dream Mentors Biblical Life Coach. Receiving a personal mentor/life coach to helpyou define and pursue your dreams. Do you have the desire to help others through sharing your faith and knowledge as a Biblical Life Coach? Would you like to receive this advanced training ABSOLUTELY FREE? You’ve come to the right place! To find out more about becoming involved in the awesome Dream Mentors ministry, visit Dream Mentors.org or Contact Us. You’ll get information on how to become a biblical life coach or how to receive the gift of a personal coach.

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Week 5

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Week 5