The Jim Galiano Show: Online Business Success Minus the Stress

(Subscribe at This is the podcast dedicated to online business success minus the stress. Join online business veteran, Jim Galiano, and learn what it takes to plan, build and execute a successful online business strategy with the "less moving parts, less overhead and less headaches" approach.

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Building a Realistic “Less-Stress” Business

Updated about 2 hours ago.

It’s one thing to talk about creating the type of business to minimize the amount of stress, it’s another when you start planning out the details to make that a reality. In today’s episode, we’re going to look at setting up different income streams within your business.

We’ll also be talking about what can be scaled and/or automated, what can’t, and how to make your adjustments accordingly.

Realistically speaking, what does your version of a “less stressful” type of online business look like? That and more in today’s episode.