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Business Hibernation Mode – Week 3

Updated about 20 hours ago.
For many of us here in the U.S., this is week three of the economic slowdown. I can almost liken it to a period of hibernation. During the new few weeks, we’ll probably see the best and worst of client relationships and connections. It’s true, everyone has bills to pay. But it’s also true that some businesses are in a much stronger position, financially than others.

You can only hope that, at the very least, a small grace period is extended to those who really need it.

On other fronts, you may be seeing your position within the marketplace in April of 2020 much differently than you did in December of 2019. In just a handful of months, you may be seeing certain options in a different light than you have in the past.

That and the ongoing reminder to take one day at a time in today’s podcast.