The Jim Galiano Show: Online Business Success Minus the Stress

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Scaling for the “Hands-On” Solopreneur

Updated about 2 days ago.
It was tough coming up with a title for today’s episode. That’s because I shared an ongoing stream of thought on being an entrepreneur in general… and more specifically, the challenges faced by many solopreneurs. That includes, of course, scaling your business without adding more employees into the mix. I don’t have anything against working with a team of people, but it’s not something most people enjoy doing on a regular basis.

Teams have issues because people have issues. People get bored. People like moving on to other things. People are often inconsistent. And, of course, people often make their problems your problems.

So why build something (if you don’t have to) that will expose you to all the above? If scaling while keeping things smaller and more manageable sounds appealing to you, you’ll enjoy today’s episode!