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Tech that Will Impact Us for Better or Worse

Updated about 5 days ago.
Back in 2017, I started talking about AI (artificial intelligence) and newer technologies. I shared some thoughts on how it would affect certain markets and even career choices going forward.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the first generation of low-cost AI solutions enter the marketplace. Some of them are admittedly a little clunky. They are basically low-budget versions of more advanced tech that’s coming. Think Amazon 1.0 or Facebook 1.0.

These solutions will replace the need to have an entire team of people dedicated to certain kinds of tasks or projects. How soon will this happen? Sooner than most are willing to believe.

This will come as a shock to some people, but it shouldn’t. We’ve been seeing AI depicted for years in science fiction. We’ve seen it in the real world, too. We’ve seen robotics replace factory workers for years. Today, you can run many manufacturing plants with just a few people.

I think we’ll see an increasing amount of upheaval in the days ahead. I believe it will require many, if not most of us, to make changes to our business going forward.