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Spielberg to Direct Nighthawk, Gotham's Joker, Titans & More

Updated about 1 year ago.

We are back to hop on and update everyone on the news! This week on the podcast, we talk about Steven Spielberg directing a Nighthawk movie, Gotham's handling of The Joker, Teen Titans set pics, and more!

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0:01:15 - Headlines
0:01:21 - Spielberg to direct Nighthawk
0:07:50 - Joker in Gotham
0:11:57 - Titans set photos
0:18:08 - Rumor Mill
0:18:10 - Suicide Squad 2 moved back for Birds of Prey?
0:23:06 - Will Superman appear in Shazam?
0:28:06 - Will we see the future in Ant-Man & The Wasp?
0:32:09 - Quick Hits
0:36:42 - Hey You Should Check Out