Practical Missions Cohort Podcast

Missions moments from Jesse & Jeryvee Schreck while serving on the field in Italy as church planters with PMc. Listen to get insight into missionary church planting in postmodern Italian culture and to receive updates about our ministry and the opportunities you have to get involved personally in order to make an eternal impact for the gospel in Italy.

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Giving Tuesday - 2018

Updated about 11 days ago.

In this episode we share about the opportunity to give and grow PMc towards the work of enrolling and equipping missionaries, biblical evangelism, disciple making, elder training and church planting in Italy. As a faith-based mission we are dependent entirely on financial partners: individuals and churches.

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If you are one of those partners already, thank you very much! You are in our daily prayers and we are honored to have you with us in the ministry to the Italians! God bless you!