Spooky Southcoast

Join host Tim Weisberg along with psychic medium Stephanie Burke and Science Advisor Matt Moniz as they delve into paranormal topics such as ghosts and hauntings, UFOs and aliens, Bigfoot and cryptids, and other mysterious things. Also streaming LIVE video during the show at SpookySouthcoast.com.

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Spooky Southcoast 6-28-14: Eric Altman; Ken DeCosta

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"Spooky Southcoast" for June 28, 2014. We cover a variety of topics as Eric Altman joins us to discuss the recently stabilized version of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film and what it means to Bigfoot research. Later Ken DeCosta of RISEUP Paranormal informs us about the upcoming Ocean State ParaCon (with Keith Johnson also checking in), and we discuss the correlations between autism and perception of the paranormal.