JK's Happy Hour is a comic’s podcast where we talk to comics professionals live at the Pub. The show has the 3 following mission statements: 1.) Provide listeners with an insight to what it’s like to work in any industry as an artist, writer, creator, etc. 2.) Introduce new readers to comics, art, sci-fi and just general fun, while also informing longtime fans 3.) Entertain the listeners, enjoy the company and get drunk! Comics, sci-fi, and drinking with friends are fun! First and foremost, this podcast should also be FUN!

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JK's Happy Hour ep Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, and Ryan Parr

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JK and Darrell briefly discuss Darth Trump, DC's "Prez",kids(pets), Darrell's crazy kid slaying, laser tag weekend, 2 day hangovers,euthanasia for old drunks,and before it get's too ridiculous we run off to the bar. At the bar we run into Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, and Ryan Parrott where we talk all things Star Trek and a bit about Ryan's haircut(because you really need to see it!!)

JK's Happy Hour Theme Music: "I wanna be an Alcoholic"
Artist: NOFX
Album: They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!
Released 2007

Interview with Sarah Gaydos, Mike Johnson, and Ryan Parrott
- Star Trek/Green Lantern Spectrum Wars
- 50th Anniversary of Star Trek
- Star Trek issue 50, 51 & 52 ( The mirror universe arc)
- "The Legacy of Spock"
- Star Fleet Academy- IN STORES TODAY!
- and much more of what's coming up in the ongoing.
- Ryan's haircut


outro music: "Theme from Star Trek"
(originally scored under the title, "Where no man has gone before")
Released 1966