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Seadream Yacht Club: Interview With Larry Pimentel

Updated a long time ago.

In this week’s episode of The Cruise Report, we hear from Larry Pimentel, President and CEO of Seadream Yacht Club. You may not have heard of this relatively new company. Operating two small ships, Seadream got its start in September of 2001, an inauspicious time for any company to be making its launch - especially a travel company.

But here we are six years later, and the small Miami-based cruise line is doing extremely well. Actually, the company founders would not like to hear me call theirs a cruise line. Their company slogan is “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising.”

Yacht or not, these are some pretty spectacular vessels, with “Balinese beds” for sleeping under the Mediterranean sky, an “inflatable island” for water sports, and lots of other toys. But it’s not all about play. Seadream offers one of the finest cruise experiences hands down.

In 2006, Conde Nast Traveler’s readers gave Seadream the highest overall score of any passenger ship - large or small, and it was the only cruise line rated in the magazine’s Top 100 Best Travel Experiences in 2006.

I am fortunate to be sailing on Seadream beginning May 19. Follow along by logging on to as I cruise - make that "yacht" - from Barcelona to Nice.

Meanwhile, listen to our 15-minute interview with Larry Pimentel.