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This podcast gives a behind the scenes look at show business. Laura Powers interviews writers, actors, directors, musicians and fascinating people in the entertainment industry.

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Transmedia and Writing Bestsellers with Mark Stay

Updated about 1 year ago.

London-based bestselling author and screenwriter Mark Stay is the host of the Bestseller Experiment podcast. He co-wrote the screenplay “Robot Overlords” which became a $21m movie with Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson. Having worked in publishing for over twenty years, Mark is an “author-on-the-inside” and has seen the beauties and harsh realities of the publishing industry. Learn more at, find them on social media @bestsellerxp, and follow Mark @markstay on Twitter or on Facebook @markstaywrites. You can connect with Laura at, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers, on Twitter @thatlaurapowers, and on Instagram @laurapowers44.