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Riot Radio Show #113

Updated 12 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #113

Dollhouse- summer love
Dipers- diptopia
Freaks- a small amount of ecstasy
Physique- we make noise
Man Eaters- slow demise of a futuristic mind
The Touch Heads- livin
Cereal Killer- your punk scene can….it
Ditches- lights out
Junta- en maskine
The Ratz- some might say
AxeRash- breathe
Mindless Attack- breakout
Protocol- bloodsport 1
C.H.E.W.- gag order
The Chats- casualty
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers- nailed to the wall
Booji Boys- stevie cool
Fatal Blow- no borders
Cardinal Birds- killkillkill
The Mark Vodka Group- i wanna piss in the face of the world
SLANT- scorn
The Charley Few- we’ll finish it
Ultra Razzia- nos chemis
Battalion Zośka- a country divided
Tozcos- existencia aturdida
Dark Thoughts- imaginary lines
The Cowboy- swimming with the fishies
C.L.A.W.- get off
Final Gasp- night vision
Scrap Brain- floundering
Outcry- weekend night
Scarecrow- alike
Fracture- sin vergüenza
Riña- libros tontos
Gino And The Goons- break your hearts
Dead Hero- todo o nada