Nectar Talks

Nectar Talks is hosted by Amrita-keli and Namamrita from the heart of New Raman Reti in Alachua Florida, the largest Hare Krishna community in North America and the home of thousands of Bhakti yoga practitioners. In their ongoing interviews this dynamic duo digs deep into our search for a loving connection with Krishna (God) and each-other. With you, they uncover the real life stories and inner journeys of a vibrant community of friends and special guests. Like bees searching for nectar our hosts seek pearls of wisdom from how they live their lives and the lessons they can impart to us and their listeners. If you're seeking nectar, look no further! Find us also on YouTube and Facebook.

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Updated 2 months ago.

Welcome to “Nectar Talks”, New Raman Reti’s very own live talk show. Hopefully, you had a chance to view our introductory Episode 1. In the first live Episode 2 this week, we introduced you to our first mini series: New Raman Reti Couples. Amrita-Keli Dasi and Namamrita Das interviewed our dearly loved Madhumati Devi Dasi and Sesa Dasa. Listen to the interview with this dynamic duo, and get to know them more personally. Join us for our next live episode in early January. Happy listening!