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Showing God’s Love To Others | Part 3: The Daniel Dilemma

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Showing God’s Love To Others | Part 3: The Daniel Dilemma

Updated 2 months ago.

Let’s face it: In our modern culture, Christians have gotten a bad reputation for judging rather than loving. You may even wonder how to show God’s love to others when the values of the culture seem so different from the values of your faith. However, God’s Church should be famous for loving well! Rather than being known for judgement and creating enemies, Christians should be known for kindness, compassion, empathy, and caring for the poor and justice.

In this message from Part 3 of Liquid Church’s The Daniel Dilemma Series, Pastor Nithin Thompson provides Christians with four steps to balance God’s law with God’s love. In the book of Daniel, we see countless examples of how the prophet Daniel and his friends stood firm in their values while living in a culture that tested their faith. Daniel’s goal was to win hearts, not arguments. He picked his battles. Daniel knew you have to connect with people in relationships before you can correct their actions. Ultimately, Daniel played the long game to love well, covering all his relationships and conversations with wisdom and tact.

This 5-part message series from Liquid Church is perfect for Small Group study. So, watch this message to learn how you, too, can stand firm and love well in a culture of compromise.

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