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All aboard the Video Game Choo Choo! Next stop, videogame industry commentary with your favorite conductors John, Janie, Elvie, Scott, Trixie, Walker, Solon, Zack, Spencer, Rose, and Niall!

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VGCC Episode 253: One Bad Trophy

Updated 10 months ago.

John and Rose are here on the 253rd Chooch, to work their way through a lengthy checklist of Kingdom Hearts 3, how much the latest FFXIV patch sucks, getting spanked by Mr. X, dreaming about the AVGN, Microsoft's attempts to get ahead of the PS5, Game Pass potentially hitting the Switch, Rose's obsession with the Devil May Cry demo, doing some Witching, the perils of Yugioh, Reggie's retirement, yet more layoffs, Titanfall 2, ancient Pokefinds, and hentai voice acting.As always you can support us on our patreon, follow us on twitter @VGChooChoo , @horngal, and @John_Michonski.Also, don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes, and tell a friend about the show! If you want to send in questions send them to, or into our ask box at can also join our discord channel at !Our theme song is “Crush” by Melt Channel, from the album Magic is Real.