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Riot Radio Show #119

Updated 2 months ago.

Riot Radio Show #119

Möstly Crüde- what you get
The Chisel- rat running scared
Parole 80- neutralan
Mad Mulligans- we know who you are
Teenage Hearts- you’re a jerk
White Stains- strangle you
The Slime- circling
Antibodies- losing it all
Nancy Boi!- charged and oven baked
Lamebrains- neighbors
Incisions- back of the line
Lawmaker- working poor
Tizzi- all day i work for little money
Kohti Tuhoa- velkaa maksat kuitenkin
C.H.E.W.- noise square
Erik Nervouse & The Beta Blockers- want to not wanna
The Side Bets- turn me loose
Stiff Richards- kids out on the grass
AxeRash- crybaby
Bootlicker- calm mind
Physique- no better way
Invalid- sold out
Man Eaters- baptized in spirit
SSEX- isolation
Tozcos- no hay luz
PCP & The Knives- world gone mad
Junta- ild mod ild
Scarecrow- this misery
Force Majeure- l’appât du gain
Abuse- screams
The Mark Vodka Group- goon
The Sweatys- his majesty’s car
Q- quiche
Beton Arme- mythomane
Impalers- nuclear cabaret