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Roman Britain's Missing Legion

Updated 4 months ago.

On the show Rob Cain interviews Simon Elliot the author of Roman Britain's Missing Legion: What really happened to the IX Hispana?
I want you to think about something. The average size of a legion, especially during Imperial times, was approximately 5,500 infantry. More or less. That is a lot of people to go missing. If that happened today, you have to imagine the impact of such an event. Can you even conceive of it? Just Think about it. An American Division is composed of 10 to 15 thousand soldiers. Imagine they were airlifted into a country, made-ready, supplied and convoyed into the interior of a country and then disappeared. The aftermath would be felt in the American psyche for generations. The question of their disappearance would be brought up in military doctrine for years to come.
The first seven words of Simon's book says it all.
"This book is an historical detective story…"
Simon Elliot, writer, historian and archaeologist and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent where he studied for his PhD in Archaeology on the subject of the Roman military in Britain. He also has an MA in War Studies from KCL and an MA in Archaeology from UCL. He frequently gives talks on Roman themes and is co-Director at a Roman villa excavation.
According to Simon Elliot, "The Ninth Legion is more Game of Thrones than Game of Thrones. It's more Tolkien than Tolkien."
Subjects covered in the podcast:
* Evidence.
* Citations in the records.
* Possible solutions to the mystery.
* The origins of the name Caesar.
* What is the dream find for an archeologist to settle the IX Hispana mystery?
* Decapitated heads discovered in Britain. What's up with that?
* A favorite hypothesis of the fate of the IX Hispania.

Do not miss the show, and be sure to pick up his book on Amazon.