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Welcome aboard the Starlight Car, our relaxing parlor aboard the Video Game Choo Choo. Come ride with us once a month as we talk with our friends in and around the gaming industry about the projects they're working on or whatever they're passionate about. You can get episodes of Starlight Car one week before they air at

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Starlight Car 03: NBA Jam with Reyan Ali

Updated a long time ago.

On this episode of Starlight Car, John welcomes Reyan Ali, the author of Boss Fight Books’ NBA Jam book. Reyan discusses his history with the classic arcade title, the challenges of writing a book, and how cool it is getting a phone call from DJ Jazzy Jeff. NBA Jam: The Book is available now from Boss Fight Books ( both digitally and physically, however physical copies are being shipped Nov. 14th. Reyan’s Twitter is here. (

The theme for Starlight Car is a "Super Chill Remix" of Aquamarine by Magic Circuit, which is available off their newest self-titled album... Magic Circuit. You can follow them at @magic_circuit on twitter for more details.