The Mental Game Podcast

Tune in each week, as mental game coach Jared Tendler take the airwaves to help listeners strengthen this critical part of their game. A wide range of interesting guests have been on the show, including high stakes players Phil Hellmuth, Lex Veldhuis, Phil Galfond, and Gavin Griffin. Listeners are invited to submit questions and have their mental game problems solved live-on-air. The goal is to make the show fun and entertaining, while also helping you to be mentally stronger at the tables.

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#62 - Tilt Q&A

Updated a long time ago.

I got a great response to my last Q&A podcast on Goal Setting, so I have done another one all about Tilt. If you want to be featured on a future Q&A podcast, just contact me with your question. Today Barry and I discuss a wide range of topics I’m sure all of you can relate to, even if you are not a poker player. In this episode we discuss:

* Why you might Tilt in one format (Like PLO), but not another (Like No Limit)
* The differences between Tilt in poker and trading
* Is Tilt different online compared to live?
* Why Winner’s Tilt is more of a confidence issue than an anger issue
* Dealing with pressure at the tables that appears as anger