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Ep 112: Covadonga Interview With Sean Hartofilis

Updated about 1 year ago.

Well folks, it's officially happened. A member of the film community has enjoyed being interviewed so much that he's not only agreed to come back, he's the one who got in contact with us! Paul sat down with Sean Hartofilis about 4 years ago to discuss his film Beach Pillows, a rather cool film, and now he's got him back on to discuss his newest venture. It's called Covadonga, it's a film that might not have the biggest budget ever but it does deliver with some really interesting dialogue, some soothing vocals and a certain father figure making an appearance! So listen in as Paul and Sean discuss the film and then head over to (yes, it's a real address!) to pre-order/buy (depending on if you hear this before/after October 31st) the film and/or the soundtrack!

Once again, a huge thanks goes out to Sean Hartofilis for coming back on. He is a scholar and a gentleman. That is all!

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