Barcode Podcast 2.0 - Beer, Games, & Nonsense

We are Mike Lock, CraigMakk, and Reese, three blowhards who make enough money to blow some on good beer and every videogame, gadget and tech-trash that we see....join us as we talk about all of it and more. You might be offended, but certainly not disappointed.

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Episode 2 - D Points!

Updated 12 months ago.

Welcome back to "BarcodePodcast 2.0", your podcast for Beer, Games, and Nonsense! Quarantine is still hitting everyone hard, and the guys are ready to play some damn Animal Crossing.

In this episode, CraigMakk, Mike Lock, and Reese are joined by Joe Getz, owner of Kurant Cider. As always, you'll hear about a ton of craft breweries that you can support. Mike even mentions all the beers that he has to make....whether he wants to or not. Ready to learn more about the Tommy Tallarico "Amico" Fiasco? Or hear the TURRRRRBO version of the age-old "Best Franchise of All Time" argument? You'll certainly never be prepared to learn about the best character creation feature of all time, at least according to Mike. By the end of this mess, Joe will wish he never responded to Mike's text. Oh, and stick around to the very will absolutely have that song earwormed right into your brain. So get ready to level up with "BarcodePodcast 2.0!"

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