CMOS 51st Congress - Future Earth Interviews

The Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society's 51st Congress (CMOS Congress) was held from June 4th to 8th, 2017 at the Downtown Hilton Toronto, Ontario. The theme of the congress was "Future Earth: Weather, Oceans, Climate". The congress brought together hundreds of scientists and professionals from across Canada and other countries, with a focus on topics in atmospheric, ocean and earth sciences. Interviews, by Dr. Sarah Knight of the Congress Communications Team, with some of CMOS' top scientists on subjects ranging from sea ice to climate change resiliency, were conducted in the run-up to the Congress in June. CMOS continues to actively work to share the expertise of its members through the new, online, CMOS Bulletin (

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Ep 6 Dr. Paul Kushner - Changing Snow & Sea Ice Cover

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Dr. Paul Kushner, principal investigator of the Canadian Sea Ice and Snow Evolution Network (CanSISE), talks about how snow and sea ice cover are changing in the Canadian north, what the 1.5 degree Celsius climate target means and how we are on a trajectory for much more warming than that, why the Arctic is warming faster than any other place on the planet, and how the ability to communicate scientific findings in a meaningful way is crucial for moving forward.