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The official Podcast of Stigmata Studios. Stigmata Studios is an indie comic company, we have been producing graphic novels, comic books and web comics for over ten years. Our stories feature myth, history, alt-religion, the occult, secret societies, conspiracies, violence and whiskey, often with an edgy point of view. The Abracast is where we come to unpack and discuss these and other fringe topics. Bullets, booze, blood and blasphemy...

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#78 The Pentagon Papers

Updated about 1 month ago.

The Abracast is the official podcast of Stigmata Studios!

1) Episode #78 The Pentagon Papers
2) JFK talking about Diem coup:
3) Theme Song “Red Horse Rising” by X-Proph3t
4) The graphic novel THE AGES
5) The Djinn Jihad:
6) Comic books:
7) Society 13 Podcast Network:
8) To Play us out: Gerald Ford April 10 1975:
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