FBC Benbrook Sermons

The Sunday morning sermons delivered by Todd Pylant at the First Baptist Church of Benbrook, Texas

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What Does It Mean to Call Jesus "the Christ"? (Part 1)

Updated 3 months ago.

In the season of Christmas, we make this bold confession that we believe the baby born to Mary in Bethlehem was the messiah, promised by the Old Testament prophets and hoped for by the Jewish people for years. This proclamation has been turning the world upside down, both within the Jewish community and without, for over 2000 years. But what exactly does it mean for us today to call Jesus "the Christ"? Today, we see how the gospel of Mark presents the suffering messiah as King. And we learn that to call Jesus "the Christ" means that Jesus had to suffer for my sins, that to follow Jesus means to take up our cross, and that we must call Jesus our king. (Mark 8.27-33) December 6, 2020