Bringing Relationships to Life

Sin has broken relationships between God and Man plus Man and Man. However, these relationships are being restored as people are transformed into the image of Christ. These messages seek to bring each believer closer to Christ and bring life to all our relationships.

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Helpful Hints for Being a Great Dad

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Father's is losing its significance. Many children are growing up without fathers. Many of the males who fathered these children never knew how to become men. The lack of manhood leaves the whole human race at a loss. Moms are trying to be mothers and fathers to their children. This leaves the boys without a role model to show them how and girls without a role model to show them who they should marry (if marriage is in their future). This message is not comprehensive in teacher males how to be dads. It is just a few hints that can get males to become the men they need to be to be great dads.