Seeking Dharma Yoga

Hosted by Amber Love, author, adventure cat companion, & yoga teacher. Dharma talks on principles of Yoga on the mat and broader applications off the mat into our everyday lives. Amber teaches modern postural yoga (Hatha based) and Yin with specialties in chair yoga for those less mobile; she also teaches beginner aerial yoga and mat classes in northwest New Jersey, USA. Amber also has a Kiva Team for anyone interested in giving donations or microloans through the Kiva platform. You can join this team at For general information, visit

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Reining in Panic

Updated a long time ago.

A talk regarding how we can experience feelings of panic, anger, and fear in times of crisis such as the global coronavirus outbreak. This expresses that your feelings are valid and there are safer and healthier ways to work through them than to give in to rage or inhumane treatment of others. This talk explains a little about Yoga Saucha (purification & cleanliness) and various ways to implement this practice to help you attend to your hyperaroused emotions. It ends with lovingkindness mantra.