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This is a podcast where 2 or more Blokes (all guests are Blokes, regardless of gender!) sit and talk about films both old and new. We can be found on: - Our website ( - Twitter (@Blokebusters) - Facebook (The BlokeBusters Podcast) - Email ( Now please do sit back, relax, Share & Enjoy!

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Ep 41: Interstelar or: An Epic, Light-Years In The Making!

Updated a long time ago.

Hello one and all, Ladies, Gentlemen AND Smizmars! We're back yet again to talk to you about a rather exciting (if you like that sort of thing) film known as Interstellar, It dazzles, it excites, it... was actually filled with a LOT of stuff! So, what did we think? Did Ceaser rise up and take over the planet with his primate buddies? Was the Star Child brought down to Earth and used as a power source? Did Brian enjoy Anne Hathaway's performance? Take a seat, grab a cup of (insert beverage of choice here) and Share And Enjoy!

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