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Ep 4: "Brooks Was Here"

Updated a long time ago.

In today's comedic outing, we talk about which of Mel Brooks' films is our favourite. Paul picks the one with that guy, while Brian decides he's more into that other one with the woman. Which films are they? Why are they our favourites? You'll need to listen in to find out! We do discuss the plot of both films, so we'd recommend you only listen if you have seen both of the films (which we're sure most of you have) or if you don't mind spoilers (and believe us, even if it's spoilt, you will still love watching them!). In case you absolutely need them, here are the times we start talking about the films: Paul's film: Open - 2:40 = Name and Cast list, 2:41 - 31:37 = Film Plot, Discussion and Ratings. Brian's film: 31:37 - 33:11 = Name and Cast List, 33:12 - 1:04:44 = Film Plot, Discussion and Ratings
Afterwards, we officially launch the Art Contest mentioned in the last podcast's notes, as well as give some belated audio thanks to RetroDude666.
Apologies for the tapping noise in the background from time to time, the table was not co-operating with us this time. Not to worry though, it has been flogged and should not be a problem from now on.
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