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Choochagatari is a bi-weekly anime podcast from Video Game Choo Choo.

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Choochagatari Episode 17: Undertale is Isekai

Updated about 1 year ago.

Bold claims are made on Choochagatari Episode 17! Finally, Elvie joins us to discuss the next season of anime as well as to share her own tastes! John gets furious at the Pokemon narrator. Tanya of Evil should show Tanya as more evil, according to Trixie. Rose misses Kirito. Plus, we talk about Sailor Scouts, isekai of all kinds, and so much more!

The opening this week is "Kaen" by Queen Bee, Dororo's OP, and our ending is "Lucky Ending" by Vickeblanka, Fruits Basket 2019's ED.

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