First Baptist Church Wimberley Sermons

These are sermons preached at First Baptist Church Wimberley, Texas

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In It for the Long Haul | Scott Weatherford | April 25, 2021

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Love is a decision based on commitment. For some of you that’s a big revelation. We have been sold a bill of goods believing that love is a feeling. We fall in love like one might fall into a open man hole, a tar pit, or a trap. We are convinced that love is starlight, soft music, sweet nothing's, flowers, candles, and the like. Love is a many splendid thing! Love does cause powerful feelings but we confuse the commitment of love to the feelings of love. We even say....We've lost that loving's gone. If we base love on feelings then we will keep falling in and out of love based on our mood. Your feelings don't know you're married and those same feelings will deceive you into ruining your life.

Very few people walk the aisle of marriage to end up breaking their vows through adultery, but it is happening at a saddening rate. Today, let's allow God's word to guide us to affair proof our marriages.