KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast

One of our KaiNexus customers suggested that we share audio from our webinar series as podcasts. We've done that! And we're also adding content from our KaiNexus blog, read as audio book-style podcasts. To view webinar recordings (audio and slides) or to see and download slides, visit http://www.kainexus.com/webinars and then click on the webinar library. To read content from our blog, visit http://blog.kainexus.com. Our webinars feature KaiNexus leaders, such as Dr. Greg Jacobson and Mark Graban, along with noted authors and our customers, talking about continuous improvement, leadership, and operational excellence. Kaizen and Lean are also featured topics. KaiNexus is a software company that is focused on helping spread continuous improvement throughout organizations.

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Take 2: Ask Us Anything Episode #21

Updated about 16 days ago.

(Sorry for the audio echo problem the first time)

This time, Mark Graban is joined by Jeff Roussel, the VP of Sales for KaiNexus.

They discuss these questions:

What is your favorite book(s) about improvement?
Do you use Kaizen in your personal life outside of work?
How can Kaizen principles be applied to sales? What type of processes
can sales improve?
How do you teach new KaiNexus employees about Kaizen?
What do the most successful KaiNexus customers do differently than
What mistakes do you see most potential customers making when it comes
to Kaizen?
How is KaiNexus really different from a spreadsheet or a sharepoint
Can I just download KaiNexus and start using it?