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Donny Salvo,Jim Dietz and Darrell Taylor talking about tv and movies in our own special way.

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The guys get wild and record on a Saturday night into Sunday

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The guys get wild and record on a Saturday night into Sunday morning. Jim got mad energy and brings the news, and Darrell and Donny annoy him with dumb jokes.... you know the usually

Box Office, Scarlett Johanson, Emma Stone, Gerad Butler, Dababy, Bob Odenkirk, Arthur, jodie whittaker, Delroy Lindo, Predator reboot, Shang Chi, House of Gucci, JK Simmons, Taika Waititi, Flash Gordan, Die Hard prequel, What if?, Christopher Nolan, Criminal Minds, wwe bray wyatt, AEW, Batman Unburied, Masters of Universe, Jodie Turner-Smith, F Boy Island, Sweet Tooth, WaterWorld, Jessica Parker, Supergirl, Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson Hulu, Peace Maker, Conjuring, Clerks 3, Clifford The Big Red Dog, Rambo remake, The Green Knight, Capricorn One, Legends, Kung Fu, American Horror Stories, Batman The Long Halloween pt 2, Suicide Squad, One Punch Man, Victorious, ICar

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