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Donny Salvo,Jim Dietz and Darrell Taylor talking about tv and movies in our own special way.

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Nothing's On episode # 402 Get that bunny

Updated about 2 hours ago.

This week the boys are back with a bunch of news ,emails and what we watched plus a good old fashioned lightning round! its the first time were all together in weeks until Donny disappears

Metallica, Alamo Drafthouse, South Park, American Crime Story, Superman and Lois, Mortal Kombat, Blade film, Lola Bunny, Dr Suess, F9, Golden Globes, Darkside of The Ring, Jupiters Legacy, The Talisman, Partydown, Muppets, Shameless, Resident Alien, Kenan, Young Rock War for Cybertron, The Sinner, Spree

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