Don't Tread on Weebs

Do you think Goku's a democrat or republican? Which of the Z-Fighters is most likely to be a Bernard Brother? Do you think Spike Spiegel's "with her?" What IS Vash The Stampede's view on gun control? Listen to Don't Tread on Weebs and find out!

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Ep 8: Akira Part 1 - Iraqi Mobile Psychic Kindergartens

Updated a long time ago.

With Goku/Biden using plot armour to win the Tournament of Power/Democratic Primary, we're turning our heads away from childish things and becoming men, by talking about the greatest anime film in history.

Akira: what happens when a 1980's dystopian anime manages to perfectly portray contemporary 21st-century Western existence. We're breaking out our discussion on Akira into two parts, with Part 1 focusing on the greater socio-political trends within the film, which shape the narrative of Tetsuo and Kaneda that we'll be discussing in more depth next episode. For now it's all military coups, astro-turfed death cults, and why neo-liberal governments need to fund psychic kindergartens.