Investing In Real Estate With Lex Levinrad

Do you want to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip properties? Join Lex Levinrad on the Investing in Real Estate Podcast and learn how YOU can get started flipping houses today. This podcast is full of ACTION PACKED information and CONCRETE ACTION STEPS that you can start taking TODAY to learn how to start investing in real estate and flipping real estate. Join Lex as he talks about EVERY TOPIC related to INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE including wholesaling, locating deals, finding properties, flipping properties, hard money lenders, online auction sites, marketing for motivated sellers, building your cash buyer lists, deal structuring, fixing and flipping, buying and holding real estate long term and rental properties. Lex has trained thousands of students from all over the world how to invest in real estate. Lex has personally flipped over 1,000 houses and he can teach you the one thing that everyone is looking for - FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Listen to Lex interview some of his successful students who have quit their jobs and now flip houses for a living. If you want to get MOTIVATED and INSPIRED by people who are actually flipping houses RIGHT NOW, then LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. Lex will also introduce you to some of his real estate friends and he will interview some of the biggest wholesalers and flippers in the country. You will learn from the experience of real estate investors who are doing deals every single day, investors who are literally doing thousands of deals. Listen to this podcast so YOU can learn how to achieve massive results investing in real estate. If you want to learn how to flip houses for a living and maybe even quit your job then SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PODCAST.

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Beginner Questions

Updated about 1 month ago.

On this podcast episode I talk about beginner questions that seem to always be the same questions.

I hear these questions at every boot camp from new investors, and it was a topic that came up today on my car drive to visit properties with my son. I realized he was asking the same questions, so I decided to make a podcast episode addressing these beginner questions

The questions are:

1. Putting 20% Down Versus Paying Cash
2. Retail Vs Wholesale Real Estate
3. Why You Can't Get A Mortgage
4. How To Find Discounted Houses
5. What Are Motivated Sellers?
6. How To Get The Cash For Flips
7. Private Lenders and Hard Money
8. Finding Houses Yourself Vs Wholesalers
9. Understanding That This is a Business

Enjoy the podcast!