Natsuki&Tokisuke : Art of Yourself

Started in 12 November, 2014. Natsuki&Tokisuke's podcast named "Art of Yourself" presents you the tips for your better living. Our mission is to make the world better place & make our friends more happier and healthier. We are so happy and excited to share this podcast to YOU!!! Enjoy listening and please send us your feedback. We hope you will become our good friends and live happier & healthier together :D This podcast is recorded in Japanese only for now. (Sorry for your inconvenience!!!) The co-hosts are Natsuki Maeda and her lovely cat Tokisuke. :D

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こんにちは。今日は日中も青 空が広がって、気持ちのいい一日ですね 。今日の午後、電車で僧侶と乗り合わせ ました。僧侶の静けさと落ち着いた物腰 に、うっとりしていました・・・