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Manga Mavericks EP. 101: New York Comic Con 2019

Updated 8 months ago.

Every October thousands of people come to New York City to dress up in costumes and party all day and night for almost an entire week of themed events - and it's not because of Halloween! That’s right, LumRanmaYasha and VlordGTZ went to the famous New York Comic Con, which means it’s time for another con report podcast! That’s right, we went to New York Comic-Con in early October, for VLord’s first NYCC experience and Lum’s third! There were TONS of epic panels, awesome guests, huge announcements, special screenings, and great experiences - and we’re here to discuss them all! From the nostalgia of the Yu Yu Hakusho reunion panel to the insanity of the [adult swim] events, and exciting new licensing announcements like the return of Maison Ikkoku and the coming of Ping Pong, we go over all the high points of a weekend we won’t soon forget!

Hey, we even managed to get this podcast out within a month of the con itself! Hoorah!


00:00 - Intro and Initial Impressions of NYCC 2019
05:32: Day 0: Nintendo Store, Indikitch, & More!

Thursday, October 3rd:

16:19 - Hinomaru Sumo Epilogue
18:13 - The Dynamic Duo: Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel
25:26 - Writing for Comics Like a Pro
29:30 - RWBY Season 7 Panel
45:10 - Yu Yu Hakusho Reunion Panel
59:14 - Shudder’s Creepshow Screening
1:02:56 - MHA wins the Harvey Award!

Friday, October 4th:

1:03:28 - Shonen Jump Panel
1:20:58 - Toonami Chat
1:22:25 - Tokyopop NYCC Licenses
1:27:51 - Kodansha USA/Vertical Panel
1:39:10 - Crunchyroll Panel
1:41:36 - Artist Alley
1:43:06 - Viz Media NYCC Licenses
1:54:50 - Robot Chicken Panel
2:01:40 - Primal Panel
2:09:18 - Wonder Woman Bloodlines Premiere Screening

Saturday, October 5th:

2:17:46 - Seis Manos Panel
2:25:50 - Sound & Fury Panel
2:33:26 - From Crew to Creator: Disney TV Animation Showrunners Panel
2:38:10 - Castlevania Spotlight Panel
2:41:45 - Human Lost Screening
2:49:20 - One Piece at the Lightbox

Sunday, October 6th:

2:52:06 - The Art of Transformers Panel
2:55:30 - Veronica Taylor at the NYCC Live Stage
2:56:38 - Manga Ikimashouka!

3:00:20 - Final Thoughts on NYCC 2019
3:03:45 - Wrap-Up

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