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Finally, a film quiz to sort out which movie podcast knows their Tarantino's from their Rodriguez, their Hughes from their Crowe and so on! We are a podcast where other film/movie podcasts come on to battle it out, 1-on-1, in a knockout style tournament. Who will win? You'll need to listen in to find out!

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S2 E1: Phil Better Show Vs ReVisited

Updated a long time ago.

We are BACK! We've been through the entire history of cinema, the epic-ness of Endgame and the utter agony of scheduling podcasters from around the world and we're finally ready to begin our second season for your entertainment!

This glorious return features the twin stars of podcasting: Phil Better Show and ReVisited. And they agreed to sit down and have Paul grill them for an hour on film trivia. The fools! Regardless, they did, we recorded it, we edited it and now you're hearing it. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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