Hopped-Up 64

A podcast about craft beer, the video game industry, and the true meaning of friendship

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Ep 66: Packing a Non-Alcoholic Beer In Your Child's Lunch

Updated about 1 month ago.

It's not *technically* illegal.

This week the gang becomes fascinated by Corona's 0.0% alcohol beer, the Sunbrew. We also talk a lot more about Warhammer 40: Chaos Gate Daemon Hunter, Norris tries to convince Dave to get a PS5, and then we all get in a leaky submersible in an ocean of blood, with Iron Lung.

Beer of the Week: Quarantine Beers

Hosts: Chris Norris, David Beebe, Jack Shirai, Steph Fan, Mike Parker
Music by David Beebe (@norwegianvowels)