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Ep 162: Getting the Diablo 2 Monkey Off Your Back

Updated 5 months ago.

It's a week for sharing, as we give strength to those fighting off their Diablo 2 addictions. Listen in as a man describes sidling to the very brink of gaming madness, before finally breaking away.

There's a lot of talk about whether or not the obscenely wealthy would want to buy our blood this week, some talk on how the new Jump Force game is the same as making your anime dolls kiss, and hearing how difficult it is to guess what movies people most enjoyed from the 2000's.

Matt opens up about his old Diablo 2 addiction resurfacing, Dave opens up about his new anime addiction coming into being, Bill is unrepentant about his Dragon Ball addiction, and Norris hopes the composer for Dragon's Quest 11 just fucking stops already.

Bernie Sanders 2020 y'all.

Hosts: Chris Norris-Jones, David Beebe, Matt Emery, and Super Hopped-Up's US Correspondent, Bill McDonnell

Beer of the Week: Russell's Punch Bowl North West IPA

Music by Sebastian Bender