Crossing The Streams

Created by Edward Lewis and James Turner (Flabaliki), Crossing the Streams is the videomaker podcast, hosted by streamers, for streamers, about streamers for the fans. The internet's first ever podcast dedicated to interviewing streamers and YouTubers about what they do. On Crossing the Streams we aim to dig deeper into the lives of your favourite videomakers, learning a little bit more about their everyday lives behind the scenes, their creative process, their thoughts on the industry and pretty much anything else they/we want to talk about that day. Hope you enjoy.

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Ep.13 The Return

Updated 3 months ago.

We're back. Exactly one year later (completely on purpose... honestly). The new podcast format is a bit more relaxed, with rambles from James and Ed about the last year, and some unfortunate knocking and crashing noises from Ed's neighbours. We're starting afresh, so forgive us for some audio kinks that we'll iron out... also, the format is a bit different and we're working that out too (as you'll hear us discuss). Enjoy!