Cinema Terrorisme

Cinema Terrorisme is an audio sigil using cut up methods and collage in order to distill the horror of modern existential malaise into substantiate energy mass. There is no moral value expressed in Cinema Terrorisme. Everything you hear has been alchemically remapped into a new order of relational aesthetics. Downloads are available for your personal evolution.

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Cinema Terrorisme 42

Updated a long time ago.

Cinema Terrorisme 42: Heartthrobs Over Genetic Maladies Cause the Moon to Swoon Over What Once to Pray For. Samples included: the curse of the alpha stone, gerhard ruhm, winter kills, janko nilovic, eyes behind the stars, cannibal holocaust, the digital messiah, zpg, the ruling class, the people, quick draw mcgraw, dynamite, 2 orphan vampires, end of the road, the anatomy of a pinup, coast to coast am, man and computer, between time and timbuktu, lilith, david borden, trilogy of terror, stepsisters, rise of the drones, the pit, the gladiators, odyssey, egisto macchi, the devils hand, pieces, the glorshon wars, the monster, resurrection, intimate lessons, dionysus, the fountainhead, the mafu cage, kaiser nietzsche, l ron hubbard, terror out of the sky, village of the damned, tortured females, night walker, star trek, smoker, bullwinkle, a touch of genie, loops inc, madame 0, obsession,