KNOTTY DREAD RADIO presents the KNOTTY DREAD RADIO weekly dancehall show hosted by the mighty Jah Marvin of Knotty Dread Sound. Tune in to hear the best dancehall online every Thursday!

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KNOTTY DREAD RADIO #24 with Bramma

Updated a long time ago. presents dancehall powerhouse BRAMMA this Thursday on KNOTTY DREAD RADIO. Hosted by Jah Marvin, KNOTTY DREAD RADIO is a weekly dancehall show that features the best of the best dancehall. Recent hits include "Value Of A Lady," "Run Fi Him Life," "Battlefield" and many more. The young dancehall star BRAMMA has been on the rise for the last several years releasing slamming dancehall singles. Find out all you need to know Wednesday! Tune into BigUpRadio Dancehall this Thursday! ONE LOVE