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The Back Row Baptist Podcast Election Special 2016

Updated a long time ago.

It's Election Day Eve and America has a tough choice to make (perhaps the toughest one in all of our lifetimes). And Christians are more confused then ever on how to place our vote. We'll discuss where we stand. (Episode 39)

[With politics, opinions range wildly. There will be some of you who disagree with some of our thoughts and conclusions, and that is okay. We don't speak for all Christians, just for ourselves.]


Host: Matt Coker
Guests: Kevin Welborn, Megan Oaks, & John Birkey

Featured Music: "King Forever" by Brad & Rebekah, from their album, "Acoustically Inclined".
Find this song and more from Brad & Rebekah on iTunes and NoiseTrade!

Game Time: We play "The Political Whisper Challenge" to see who is better at seeing past their own interpretations to find the words of truth!

Brody Rants: Back Row Brody begs for your last minute vote!

Back Talk: We discuss Trump and Hillary, and whether there is any reasonable defense for a Christian to vote for either of them at this point. We also speculate how things will go down tomorrow.

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