Powers Hour

This podcast, hosted by Laura Powers, is designed to give you resources and tools to help you make big changes in your life. Hear from experts in the fields of leadership, empowerment and business and other topics aimed to empower you to shift. For more information on the podcast, events, articles, and Laura, go to www.powershour.biz.

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Equity Crowdfunding & ICO’s on Indiegogo with Michael Hughes

Updated a long time ago.

As the senior director of equity crowdfunding and token sales at Indiegogo Michael Hughes makes it possible for new investors to support their favorite businesses and creative projects. Learn more at equity.indiegogo.com or ico.indigogo.com. To find out more about Laura and her speaking, coaching, and other hosting work visit her website at: powershour.biz . You can also find Laura on twitter @thatlaurapowers, on Facebook @thatlaurapowers and on instagram at laurapowers44.